Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Jingling Away in the Garden

It's always tricky at the start of each year planning for the next 12 months ahead. Not only is there the challenge of new designs to create, but deciding which markets best fit around family life, and all it entails. Whatever happens, it always seems that my ambitions outweigh my abilities. Let's be honest... or more to the point, be honest with myself, there are only so many hours in the day to handcut, handstitch and make these little goodies. But sometimes, the ideas flow faster than leaves on water and it's all I can do to stand in the middle of the torrent and grab one or two.

Here are a few ideas I managed to catch and turn into goodies,

Glee Girls

Hedgehog Hurrah,
returning to the orginal idea behind designs in The Snow Queen's Garden... being tough enough for small hands to help decorate a tree, while still being one of a kind.

And this is where they'll be, along with a few more pieces....maybe..... hopefully... And the little brooch/pendant in the flyer should also be there too ( oh, and me...). Please, please come along if you're able. It's the first time the Snow Queen and I are doing this market..... gulp.
Back to the stitching.Warm fuzzies to you all

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Last Giveaway Winner!

And the winner for the final "Christmas in July" giveaway is........

          Jennifer Rennell

Thank you everyone for being in it to win it. You email address will be moved to an inbox and completely forgotten about. If you are a non - Facebook fan and would like to be on the new updates list, please let me know and I will add you in.

Otherwise, warm fuzzies for this WONDERFUL wintery night. I am off for a hot cuppa tea!


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Final Giveaway - Christmas in July

It's been one of those nights when things just haven't gone as they should. Remember how once upon a time, in the olden days when you played records on a record player and you could adjust the speeds..... kind of feeling like my speed is a little off... or a film that has been dubbed and the dialogue and actors lips just don't quite match up.


Firstly, WELCOME to the two new lovely ladies joining the blogsite. Still getting my style together, and keeping a close on on Jane from  and Sarah from for blogging tips.

Now, the seriously important stuff - the final giveaway for Christmas in July. To be in the running you need to answer the following question:

What heritage do I frequently draw on for inspiration?

Email your answer to before 6pm Sunday, 29 thJuly (AEST) to be in the running. The winner will then be announced on this blogsite at 9pm (children and bedtimes willing) the same night.

This is to be compliant with Facebook guidelines on promotions, and Facebook is in no way responsible or involved in this promotion. Whew!

So what do you win????????

A lovely little matryoshka maiden in pale lilac. She is made with Eco Felt (from post consumer plastic bottles) and completely hand stitched.
She is about 6.5cm tall and 5cm across the widest point. On the back, she is mounted with a silver brooch pin and bail - so you can wear her as a necklace or a brooch. All you need to do is slip her on your favourite chain, thread a ribbon through the bail, pin her to a ribbon...... leave it to your imagination. She comes mounted on a recycled, handstamped card backing and is the LAST one of this series I plan to do!

Best of luck lovelies, I am off to do the dishes.


Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Second Winner !

And the Winner of the Second Competition giveaway is....

Pasqualina Bergamin

2nd draw conducted by second borne daughter. Took her duties very seriously (and very pleased to be allowed to participate!). Will have to ask Husband to conduct third draw.
Thank you to everyone for participating.


Sunday, 1 July 2012

And the Winnner is.........

Thank you to everyone entering the first ever The Snow Queen's Garden competition. All the names went into a bucket and randomly drawn. And the winner is ...............

Brooke Otten

There will be 2 more draws during July with more goodies to come. Will keep everyone posted....


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

"Christmas in July"

Win an Owl and a Bird Christmas Decoration

There's snow on the mountain and a chill in the air.. feels a little like Christmas. Besides, it's nice to keep a little of that magic going the whole year round... Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All sounds pretty good.

To celebrate winter and joy of the seasons, here is your chance to win some one of a kind goodies. This weeks's prize is :

Presented in a ready to give gift box

To Enter;

Entry for this week's prize opens 28th June and closes 1st July 6pm. All you need to do is answers this questions :

                      Where and when is the Snow Queen's Garden next market?

Email your answer to by 1st July 6pm.

Hint - you can find the answer on the front of the Facebook page

Appreciate if you can spread the word..... Facebook, Blogs, over coffee with friends

Terms and Conditions:

1. Competition is open to all Snow Queen friends... you are not required to be a Facebook fan (although we do appreciate it if you are)

2. Entries open to Australian and non- Australian fans.

3. The Snow Queen's Garden will cover the cost of regular Australian Post delivery. We are not responsible for lost or delay

4. Times and dates are listed as Australian Eastern Standard Time. Please check if in another time zone and country

5. Winner will be drawn at random and has 3 days from close of the competition draw to contect us on The winners name will be posted on this blogsite  on Sunday at 9pm (due to Facebook rules) . If the winner does not contact us in 3 days, the prize will be redrawn.

Warm fuzzies to all and best of luck,
SQ x

Monday, 11 June 2012

Moods of the Tree

The days are becoming shorter and it's getting harder to get out of bed in the mornings. Could it just be the doona feels a little extra snuggly on those days when the temperature is in low single digits? Does cold weather slow down the blink response on my eyelids? Honestly, think it does make them heavier and harder to open. Thank goodness for the lure of coffee. Hmmmm. Not sure to drink it, or warm my toes up in it.

Each year the family vows, 'we will install a wood heater this year'. And somehow another year has rolled around and there is the early morning struggle for prime position in front of the old wall mounted blow heater. Suprisingly, the dog usually wins. Oh well, exercise is good for warming up right? *SIGH* Maybe next year.

Time to make ready for the next market - 8th July "the market", Masonic Hall Sandy Bay Rd.
Have a hold load of new products dreamt up in my head. Now to turn them all into felt and stitches. Think I will certainly need to add the next chapter in the life cycle of the birch trees..... here are some of their moods over the last few weeks


Teary                                                                     Cheerful

Who would have thought the wattle birds would love to visit when the tree was bare of leaves.  Perhaps they came to collect the seeds, but it was wonderful to have the native birds in my garden. The design for the next doll is in my head.... I can see it. Just need to convince my hands now!

Warm, winter fuzzies to all

SQ x

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Update - Growing in the Snow Queen's Garden

Autumn is making herself felt, turing the leaves all manner of colours, dusting the mountain with snow and making it just that little bit nicer to snuggle under the doona.

Inspiration is all around me... from swirls in clouds, to the bird warbling on the fence - displeased with the rain silvering his back. So much to stitch! Add to that the Super Moon from several weeks ago and my head becomes crowded with images, like this one. The birch in my back garden becomes the inspiration for the little Babushka below..... with dandelions at the base blowing wishes into the night, like stars.....

or something soft to wear,
capturing the colours all around, the brich tree in the backgarden, liquid amber trees I pass each day, and an early morning with the hint of frost on the ground.

All these goodies are currently in the
waiting for a good home.

Now it's time to try and catch up on all the orders. Not sure I am makigaining ground on them, but head down and stitch rather than play on the internet. It is oh so tempting. Perhaps an early night might be in order. *Yawn* Maybe just one more stitch.


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Matryoshkas and Mothers

Not sure how it got to be the end of April. Only about 2 months behind on the businesss plan and product release timetable... and 5 months behind on custom orders. Never seem to be enough hours in the day. Thank goodess for coffee.

Somehow the bustle of Easter turned into the mad rush to be ready for the first market of the year. It is deeply touching how many familiar faces turn up, smiling and supportive. Spurs me on to more creative heights. Now, stitching like mad to be ready for the first trip up north to The Apron Market, Seaport. Not sure how the northern crowd will react to my humble offerings.... have to wait and see.

Just say, 'break an leg" and not tempt fate.... please

These little lady pendants will be heading up. Had to sew their tiny faces with a beading needle to get the detail right. NOT recommended at 2am. Threading is such a .. challenge.

The Matryoshka above is a free standing art doll, heading north too. Not taking orders for Mother's Day, unless you are hoping for a 2013 delivery. Sorry.

Due to such high demand locally, the etsy store is on hold for the next two weeks. Will Facebook and blog as soon as there are some more goodies available. Nice to be busy.

For now, I am back to the stitching.


Monday, 9 April 2012

All the latest

Hmmm. Starting to suspect I might be more suited to Facebook, than blogging..... I kind of like saying as much as possible in as few words. Like internet Haiku. Many years ago, when I fancied myself as a writer - somewhere between being captain of a starship and a vet, my grandmother said, 'imagine you have to pay for every word you write and choose wisely'. For now I shall stick to the stitching. There's enough ideas in my head to keep me going for a little while to come.

Must be all the solar flare activity, because I keep seeing the world around me in whole new ways. Suddenly it makes perfect sense to turn that raindrop into a piece of embroidery, or the clouds part at the right moment to reveal a perfect moon that seems to be weeping silver tears. Dandelions in the lawn are no longer weeds, but chime the last hours of summer that has been .

           There is such loveliness all around us, can we find a moment to stop and treasure it?
                                                               Wish more wishes

                                                      Be in the right place at the right time

Imagine to create whimsy,

And when all is said and done, maybe catch some sleep!

Getting ready for the first market of the year, 2 April... so perhaps not just

SQ x

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Flurries of Snow Maidens

Perhaps it's the nip in the evening air, or that familiar ache my shoulder has usually before it snows, but I have had a day of preparing Snow Maidens.

As a child, my grandmother insisted I learn about my Russian heritage. She herself, a native born of St Petersburg, tried valiantly to teach me the language and the culture. Being a somewhat stubborn child, I resisted the urging except for Easter time. It's a pretty big event on the Russian Orthodox calender and there was chocolate on the line. Eventually she gave up and presented me with Russian Folklore and Fairy Tale books each Christmas. It was here I met the Snow Maiden.....

The first variation of the Snow Maiden story has a childless couple make a little maid out of snow. She comes to life, but can only remain with them during winter. In some stories, she melts away forever. In others, she returns every winter. I like the second ending better....

The second story is often called The Snow Princess as well as The Snow Maiden. She is the daughter of Father Frost and Mother Spring. As she ventures off into the mortal world, she is warned never to fall in love or she will die. During her wanderings, she meets a young shepherd and must choose. As she falls in love, her frozen heart melts and she becomes mortal.

Here's a version of my Snow Maiden

You may recognise this style from Christmas 2011. The Snow Maiden is often featured in many Russian Christmas decorations, often holding a tree, and standing with St Nicholas and a Snowman.
Makes me happy to make her...

There are loads more colours to come. You should see my work table !
As for this little one, she's waiting patiently for the right home;

SQ x

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Leap of faith in a leap year

 Well this is it... tomorrow is the day to officially open the etsy store. Seemed like an auspicious date to it. What better a date to take a leap of faith, than 29th Feb. So here it nearly goes. Heart in my mouth, weak at the knees and butterflies in the belly. Wish me luck, I'm going to jump. Are you coming too?

HeartFelt Pendants in a Rainbow of colours, off to etsy
Hope you can stop by. SQ x

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Getting Woolley

Thank goodness for a warm day this week and a chance to wash some more wool. It starts off as the picture on the left, washed in tank water, dried, then carded.. to generally end up looking like the picture on the right. Because I use tank water, my little dog loves helping. Nothing better than chasing the water out of the tank hose and rolling in all the stinky stuff coming off the fleece. Means the house smells of wet wool and wet dog. What a great combination!

Raw Fleece from local sheep
Washed and carded fleece

Haven't convinced the children that helping is  a great way to spend quality time with me... didn't even work when I offered bonus pocket money. But it does mean I have loads more fleece ready to create more of these..

HeartFelt Pendants
NeedleFelt Hedgehogs

Preparing loads of needlefelt and hand embroidered pendants in a rainbow of colour combinations and a woodland of hedgehogs for the etsy store. Now, if I can just give up the sleep....
SQ x

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Busy in the Garden

So much to do! Not just stitches in the Snow Queen's Garden to make, but goodies in the garden to dig and eat, and weed and water, and fertilise and talk to... while I am busy finishing all those UFO's lying around (now up to 5 crimson owls, 2 tree brooches, 1 baby baushka... 6 grey owls ... nearly), there are yummy potatoes to dig up.

Ended up with 8 kg of Kennebec..... just waiting on the rest, Nicola's Caranberry Reds, King Edward, Dutch Cream, Tasman, Pink Eyes. Who knew there could be so many varieties?

                       And then there are the onions. Really pleased with this one. It looks so - oniony

Welcome to all you lovely folk who have just joined, possibly the slowest, blog. There will be some lovelies coming out soon. If you could see the state of my work desk, bits of felt, owls, birds.... a new girl, with a new face you have NEVER seen before.... Mandy - hooks on the way soon. Just found the wire I need, under a pile of felt, Sarah thanks for the lovely recent blog. Thank you Ms Tiff for the comment.  And sweet dreams to you all.  SQ x